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International Phone Card

Call From USA
Calling Cards call from USA with quality service and cheap rates

Call From Canada
Calling Cards call from Canada with reliable service

Call From China
Calling Cards call from China to USA and other countries with discount price

Call From Hawaii
Calling Cards call from Hawaii with cheapest rate and quality service

Call From Hong Kong
Calling Cards call from Hong Kong to USA and other countries with instant PIN

Call From Taiwan
Calling Cards call from Taiwan to USA and other countries/areas

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Feature Phone Cards
Beach Phone Card
Super Cheap Rate for Most Asia Countries;  Clear Connection;  True minutes;  No any hidden fee
G4 Local and Celluar Phone Card
Call From Hong Kong, Taiwan;  Good for Local Access Number;  Cell Phone Saving;  Guranteed High Quality
Lucky Phone Card
Guranteed Quality;  Extremly reliable service;  Cell Phone Saving;  Easy Connection
Clear Blue Phone Card
High quality with cheap rate;  No any hidden charge;  Easy connectionn;  Great for calls to Asia countries

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Phone Card Update News

2/9/2004 7:00:00 PM: Lucky phone card (calling card) adjusts minutes! More minutes, hense cheaper rate to many countries including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and so on. The price is as same as before!

2/7/2004 4:00:00 PM:

USA Phone Card

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